In personal training, especially in a bootcamp setting, it's essential to keep workouts lively and engaging. This is where Bootcamp Games shine! They add a layer of fun to the sessions, breaking away from the routine, and making workouts something everyone looks forward to. Along with being fun Bootcamp Games are a great way for your participants to interact and connect with each other - which in turn builds your community!

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Check out some of our favourite Bootcamp Games below!

Bootcamp Game: “Plop, Pop, Squat”

- Whole group “pitter patters”

- Trainer yells out either “plop, pop or squat” and participants need to perform that move

- If a member performs the wrong movement the whole group does a burpee!

Bootcamp Game: "Medball Games"

1) Under and Over

2) Tunnel Ball

3) Russian Twist Races

4) Plank Tunnel Ball Ladder

Bootcamp Game: Ice Breaker Warm Up

- Pair your group up

- Place a water bottle between certain body parts

- Walk to the cone and back

- If you drop it - start again!

Bootcamp Game: The Pole Game

- On the word “go” participants move to the next pole

- Chuck in a reverse for some directional fun

- If their pole drops they do push ups

- Keep going until you get one winner!

Bootcamp Game: Scissors, Paper, Rock

- Pair your group up in a line

- Partners play scissors, paper, rock

- Loser does 4 x plank jacks

- Winner jogs on spot

- Switch partners every 20-30 seconds

You can up the penalty as participants get warm!

Great warm up game and everyone gets a laugh!

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